DOKENSIP EVO monitors your boat for safety and tranquility.

An abnormality ?

You will be informed in real time. You can view all information verified by DOKENSIP through our smartphone app (Android or Apple) or via internet.

* DOKENSIP EVO sensory system is a wireless comprising a central module (CORE) and a series of sensors located throughout the vessel.

* DOKENSIP EVO will allow you to check the battery voltage, the presence of water in the hold, to monitor the presence of gas or smoke detect movements in the boat and make sure the current reaches the dock powers your boat .

* DOKENSIP EVO can control up to 16 different sensors on your boat, thanks to a core module. The sensor system may easily be expanded or decreased.

* DOKENSIP EVO will send an alarm signal in case of anomaly. Your peace is assured because, otherwise, you will know that all is well on your boat.

Several boats? fleet of boats for rent?

You will control all of your ships through a single application and have access to their state a glance.

DOKENSIP EVO requires no wires to be installed or to run.

A 2G & 3G connection is included in the pack for the first year.

Jammers key doors can be provided for authorized persons to board.

The system included the Touch n'Sense makes the intuitive and immediate configuration.

The basic package includes:

CORE. Base including 3G connection, the BL connection for the modules as well as GPS position, a remote management year with the smartphone app.

DKA. Water level in the bilge

DKB. The battery charge level

DKC. Current supply

DKP. Presence control


In option you can add :

DKT. Temperature sensor

DKR. Relay sensor to activate anything with 12, 24 and 220V (ex: light, heating, fridge, etc...)

SIDER.  Anti-theft for tender, HB engine, etc...